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Document Reprocessors Earns GSA Approval

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Document Reprocessors’ team of Emergency Restoration Experts is ready to be on site at your disaster area within 24 hours.

This rapid deployment of our Document Remediation Experts enables us to assess the impact of your situation and immediately start the stabilization of your materials. Document Reprocessors rapid response will help control your restoration cost by limiting continued deterioration.

• Damage Assessment – Upon arrival at your site, the Document Reprocessors team will determine the scope of your damages and provide your agency with a proposed written plan for remediation d restoration of the damaged materials.

• Project Updates – Document Reprocessors will, on a continuing basis, provide written project updates, summaries, and invoices for each phase of your Restoration project.

• Expedited Processing – Often agencies require expedited service for a portion of the materials involved in a damage loss.

Document Reprocessors is prepared to expedite return to the agency of items critical to agency operations. The time required to process an expedited item is dependent upon the severity and type of damage. 1-B Customer History Government agencies have used the entire spectrum of Document Reprocessors’ services to successfully recover and restore their water and fire-damaged documents. Since 1979, we have gained considerable experience in processing large numbers of records damaged by fires and floods, recovering important records, media, artwork, drawings and files for agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, (Mr. Roger Fox, Commercial Payments Unit, J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building, 935 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC 20535-0001) the Montgomery County Department of History and Archive (Village of Fonda, NY Old Courthouse), the Delaware Valley Hospital (Walton, NY), Mississippi Power (Birmingham, AL), and the US Supreme Court in Maine, to name a few. 1-C Freeze Drying Process (Remediation) Freeze Drying is the most recommended method for reclamation of water-soaked paper materials that have been exposed to fire, flood, water main break or other disaster.

The damaged material can be frozen in a reefer truck at the loss site to stop the growth of bacteria or mold and the dispersion of water-soluble inks. The material is transported in the frozen state to a Document Reprocessors site where it is dried, still in this frozen state. The process used is called sublimation or the change in state of water from crystalline to vapor without passing through the liquid state. Document Reprocessors uses the very latest in equipment, technology and methods to achieve consistent, superior results. Optional additional services are available including odor reduction and sterilization by fumigation. These services are especially recommended when materials have been Page 4 June 2020 exposed to fire, flooding or sewage.

Any wet material that has remained at room temperature for over 24 hours may require sterilization to reduce bacteria growth. 1-D Disaster Restoration and Salvage Guide Disaster Restoration and Salvage Guide Our technical staff knows what questions to ask and will give you the proper advice for dealing with your disaster situation prior to our arrival. When you call Document Reprocessors, you will be asked a series of questions, including:

• What type of disaster did you have?

• How long ago did your loss occur?

• Is the loss material accessible?

• What type of water or other substance was involved? (black/clear)?

• How saturated are the papers? (from top to bottom)

• How many linear feet of documents are wet? (calculating linear footage will assist in preparing to retrieve the damaged documents).

• What kind of records and/or media is damaged? (legal, medical, government, etc.) • What size of papers? (8 1/2x11, 11x17, double sided, etc.)

• What other types of materials were involved in the loss? (drawings, ledgers, books, photos, micro-fiche slides, magnetic media, x-rays, etc.)

• How may we contact you at the loss site and during the recovery process?

Please be sure to have this information ready. In addition, to assist you with proper handling during the initial stages of a loss, we offer a comprehensive Disaster Restoration and Salvage Guide. This guide is available upon request and will be sent immediately via fax, e-mail or overnight express.

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