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Salvage and Recovery Services
Wet & Water Damaged Books and Documents


Document Reprocessors’ exclusive Thermaline® drying process is particularly effective for successful recovery of wet books and paper documents.


Salvaging, recovering, and drying water-damaged books is usually significantly cheaper than replacing them. Paper documents often cannot be easily or affordably replaced and drying is your only practical alternative for recovery of the information.

However, time is working against you. You must act quickly to salvage your books and documents! Depending on the temperature, climatic conditions, the nature of the contamination, and other factors, mold can begin to form quickly if nothing is done. Do not let this happen!

Early Response Tips for Recovering Wet Books, Documents, and Bound Paper

Careful attention to the Swiss replica watches response tips given below will help Document Reprocessors successfully recover up to 99% of your water-damaged books, documents, and other wet-paper materials, using a combination of techniques including Vacuum Freeze-Drying, specialized cleaning, and other methods specific to water-soaked paper.

  • Use cardboard “banker’s box” 15″x12″x10″ for packing.

  • Handle wet materials carefully to avoid additional damage.

  • If necessary, rinse off heavy mud and dirt using clean water.

  • Pack books spine down and documents upright in the box.

  • Books must be packed in the box only one width high.

  • Write customer name and contents on side of the box.

  • When palletizing boxes, stack them only three high to prevent crushing the bottom

  • layer during transport.

  • Freeze wet books and documents within 48 hours to prevent mold growth. Low-temperature blast freezers give smaller ice crystals and better end results.

  • Freeze coated papers within 8 hours to avoid blocking of pages.

  • Call our office for help with shipping and scheduling.

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