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Restoration Contractors
Coordinating Recovery Activities


Sometimes a project has special needs and/or is sufficiently broad in scope  any may require the involvement of other expert services. Document Reprocessors will team together with other restoration contractors to help provide the best service and  meet the needs of the customer.

Preparing, packing, handling, and transporting large volumes of wet material requires good logistical support. Document Reprocessors can make all necessary arrangements on your behalf for your complete recovery operation.

We are well-equipped to fulfill the role of lead contractor and have done this many times in the years. We have relationships with many reputable and reliable firms, which can work significantly to your benefit, saving you time and money.

Scheduling Salvage, Transport, and Restoration Tasks

At Document Reprocessors, we recognize the importance of working closely with restoration contractors to  coordinate quality support services, such as hauling, refrigeration, and other activities. Our understanding of proper handling procedures, allows us to make informed recommendations with preparation, on-site packaging, transport, pack-out, and subsequent replacement in your facilities.

Delays can be extremely costly when time-sensitive documents are damaged. It may be unwise to risk significant loss for the sake of small savings in labor, shipping, or storage. We’re more than happy to consult with you on contractual matters before you commit to any firm decision.

If you have already made an arrangement with  a local restoration contractor, please do provide us with all required contact information and schedule details, so we can closely coordinate efforts. The most important task is that all salvage and recovery work is performed as efficiently as possible.

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