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Salvage and Recovery Services
Wet Audio & Video Tapes


Sealed magnetic tape media, such as audio and videotapes, require a rapid, specific response. Careful attention to the response steps given below will help Document Reprocessors recover your audio and videotape collections with a minimum of data loss.

Note: Since 100% recovery of the physical media is unlikely, a rehabilitation step to copy the remaining information onto fresh tape is usually desirable.

In addition, data recovered from wet tapes may not necessarily need to be replaced with the same type of media. Modern data storage formats offer more considerable space, reliability, and cost  than the obsolete media types. For example, a single hard drive can store the equivalent number of thousands of audio and videotapes, at a fraction of cost.

Early Response Tips to Save Wet Audio and Video Tapes

  • Do not unwind and attempt to dry the tape.

  • Shake off excess water. Wet videotapes should be carefully drained of all interior water by holding them upright and to the side.

  • Put wet audiotapes and wet videotapes in separate plastic bags. Keep the containers with the tapes.

  • Seal the bags tightly and keep them very cool (but do not freeze).

  • Put the bags in a sturdy box, label the box with your name and contents, and ship within 24 hours by overnight express to our New York recovery facility.

  • Call our office to advise us on quantity, shipping, and arrival time so we can be prepared to receive your shipment.

Learn More About Salvaging Water-Soaked Tapes

Please take a tour of our operations through our comprehensive slideshow, or view the Document Reprocessors informational video and learn more about how we can help you save your wet audio and videotapes when disaster strikes.

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