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Salvage and Recovery Services
for Business and Industry


Document Reprocessors is the insurance industry’s most-trusted source for salvaging water-damaged materials. We are the document disaster recovery expert and the leader in Vacuum Freeze Drying. We understand what it means when disaster strikes, important records are damaged, and business operations are interrupted.

We also understand the importance of being able to convert paper-based records into electronic forms. As computer-based file systems and archives become more prevalent, they become increasingly critical to a business’ ability to function. We are well-equipped to assist businesses in this regard.

We understand the proper handling of water-soaked documents and will work closely with adjusters and staff to complete the recovery cycle and help mitigate losses. Every situation is different and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Our extensive document recovery facilities and a broad range of salvage expertise provide us with wide latitude to adapt to your specific business needs.

Document Reprocessors have salvaged important business, hospital, and government materials throughout North America since 1979. We understand mold and contamination issues and will work out the proper procedures to meet your job’s individual requirements. Our wide range of document recovery projects has given us in-depth experience. We have even salvaged fragile Titanic artifacts that were pulled from the ocean floor.

To learn more about Document Reprocessors, please take a tour of our operations through our comprehensive slideshow, or view the Document Reprocessors informational video and find out how we can assist you when disaster strikes.

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