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Salvage Guide
Books and Documents


After a flood or fire, the faster you act, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to help to successfully salvage, recover and restore your water-damaged books, documents and other materials. Rapid response and knowing the proper steps to take can make the difference between a successful recovery and a total loss.

Our technical staff knows what questions to ask and will give you the proper advice for dealing with your disaster situation. When you call Document Reprocessors, you will be asked a series of questions. Please be sure to have this information ready when you call:

  • What type of disaster did you have?

  • How long ago did your loss occur?

  • What type of water or other substance was involved? (black/clear)?

  • How saturated are the papers? (from top to bottom)

  • How many linear feet of documents are wet? (calculating linear footage will assist in preparing to retrieve the damaged documents).

  • What kind of records? (legal, medical, government, etc.)

  • What size of paper? (8 1/2×11, 11×17, double-sided, etc.)

  • What other types of materials were involved in the loss? (photos, slides, magnetic media, x-rays)


In addition, to assist you with proper handling during the initial stages of a loss, we offer a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Salvage Guide. This guide is available upon request and will be sent immediately via fax, e-mail or overnight express. To obtain your Document Recovery and Salvage Guide, please contact us.

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