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3 Reasons to Choose Document Reprocessors


An exclusive process patented by Document Reprocessors is Thermaline. It's very reliable and allows most books to be returned directly to shelves with no additional restoration needed.

Specializing in the restoration of books, documents, magnetic and micrographic media means that we must utilize the latest technology and methods.

Our History

We have recovered millions of books and documents, gaining worldwide acclaim for successfully completing the largest restoration projects ever attempted.


If you have books, documents, or other materials that have been soaked from a flood, fire, or  any other accident, there’s some good news.  Your wet documents and flood-damaged records can be saved. However, you need to take the appropriate steps to ensure their successful recovery and restoration.

The single most important step you can take is to call Document Reprocessors and let us guide you through the steps needed to prepare your wet material for a successful recovery. 

Things We Dry Often

Book Recovery

Document Reprocessors exclusive Thermaline® drying process is effective for a successful recovery of wet books and paper documents.


Film separation and drying must commence within 48 hours of becoming wet to achieve the best results.

Magnetic Media

Water-damaged media to be considered for recovery include 3-1/2``, 5-1/4``, and 8`` diskettes, PC hard drives, magnetic tape, data cassettes, and other types of magnetic storage.


20th century black-and-white photographic and contemporary color materials require immediate attention. 

Maps and Prints

Maps, blueprints and architectural drawings pose special salvage challenges. Time is critical and it is very important to ensure that all possible steps are taken.

Audio | V Tapes

Sealed magnetic tape media, such as audio and video tapes, require a rapid, specific response to minimize loss of data.

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