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Document Reprocessors Disaster Recovery Services

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Document Reprocessors specializes in the recovery and restoration of water-damaged books, documents, magnetic and micrographic media. We use the very latest in equipment, technology and methods to achieve consistent, superior results. Whether from flood, rain, water damage from fire or a defective sprinkler, our state-of-the-art facilities and our On-Site Disaster Recovery Teams are ready to serve you.


Under normal circumstances business media, books, documents, micrographic and magnetic media can withstand the test of time, but are you prepared for a disaster?

For many years such disasters spelled the end for books and records damaged by water and stood until recently most of these records would have been lost forever.

Today virtually all can be saved if immediate action is taken for recovery

Document Reprocessors has been the recognized leader in restoring water and smoke damaged materials since 1979. We have restored damaged materials for government agencies hospitals record centers insurance companies libraries archives historical societies and Private Industry throughout the United States and Canada.

Document Reprocessors is affiliated with the association of record managers and administration and the association of cleaning and restoration Specialists.

We are well known throughout the library and archive preservation fields. We offer fast competitive service our slogan "If it's wet we'll dry it."

It is really true. We offer 24-hour consultations and customer assistance and can arrange for the pack out. Pick up and Safely Transportation of your damaged materials.

Our overall goal is to provide the greatest care to ensure that we can salvage as much of your information as possible.

We are experts in the recovery of bound books rare books documents blue prints drawings Maps microfilm microfiche.

X-ray film photographs negatives aperture cards computers and magnetic media and audio and video tapes.

But what happens after a fire or a flood how can Document Reprocessors help your company recover from a disaster?

In order to maximize our effectiveness, we've developed a three-phase recovery plan:

Pack out



Here's how the plan works.

In the pack out phase, our main goal is to get your documents stabilized to avoid further damage. The presence of water can cause mold and mildew to grow within 48 Hours. A speedy removal from the damaged site is imperative books and documents are placed in Cold Storage. We freeze them to retard mold and mildew growth what's placed in Cold Storage. They can safely remain there until important business decisions are made and the drying phase has begun an orderly pack out phase can save you time and headache by keeping your records organized we can help.

You manage your Disaster by creating a working inventory of your records at the time of the pack out a recovery operation is not successful if items are not labeled or packed out of order

During the recovery phase, we move the materials to be dried from the cold storage to our specialized vacuum freeze-drying Chambers. It is here that books can be straightened using our patented thermal process greatly reducing rebinding. Once dry books or documents can then be cleaned at our specially designed cleaning stations in addition to surface cleaning.

We can provide fumigation deodorizing re jacketing labeling indexing digital scanning back file conversion Reese, pooling of film and micro filming for the return delivery materials are repacked in new boxes the boxes.

Boxes are palletized and shrink-wrapped and clearly marked for return delivery. All of this eases the return delivery to a new or renewed location in the relocation phase the organized dried and cleaned materials are returned.

Our job is complete when the organized materials are delivered back to your facility why dry damaged books or documents drying damaged books is significantly less expensive. Then replacing them paper documents often cannot be replaced and drying is your only alternative for Recovery of the information disaster planning will increase your chance of recovery and

off-site location for your disaster plan is imperative mold and mildew can grow and begin to spread within 48 hours.

So having a plan in place that can be quickly executed could make the difference between full recovery and complete loss of value.

Document Reprocessors is your data recovery solution for books documents micrographics and magnetic media. Whether your information is printed photographic or stored on computer disk. We can help you safely restore most of your valuable data Document Reprocessors has successfully recovered millions of books throughout the United States

and Canada and vacuum freeze-drying is the choice of the Library of Congress for drying water damaged books

For more information on how we can help you call Document Reprocessors

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