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Reconstitution of Water-Damaged Books and Documents

Controlled Drying and Straightening of Wet Books and Archives

Document Reprocessors has made substantial progress in improving the technology used to remove water from books and documents while retaining their physical integrity. Part of the success of the Thermaline® process is achieved through the use of highly-specialized drying racks and mechanical containers. These are carefully loaded by trained personnel, again preserving the order and organization of all wet documents, books and materials.

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Special drying racks and mechanical containers to straighten wet books
Special drying racks & mechanical containers to straighten wet books
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Technology for Freeze Drying and Recovering Wet Books and Documents

There are many aspects to controlled freeze drying and managing these can only be done by a professionally-trained eye. As each batch of similar materials is processed and water is removed, periodic inspections are performed to stay on top of the progress of water removal and reconstitution. Electrical and mechanical adjustments are made as needed to insure quality control. The net result is a smooth, uniform, and predictable set of outcomes.

Learn More About Our Restoration Methods

When you call Document Reprocessors, you can speak directly to the people who will be engaged in recovering and restoring your books and documents. We're glad to provide you with whatever information you may need.

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