Document Reprocessors: Wet Document and Book Salvage and Recovery We salvage and dry wet documents and books Click for disaster and emergency response
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Click for disaster and emergency response
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Overview of Services

Overviw of Document Salvage, Recovery and Restoration Services for Libraries and Institutions

Salvage, recovery and restoration services for libraries and institutions

Document Reprocessors has been in the restoration business serving the library and institutional community since 1979. We have recovered millions of books and documents, as well as gaining worldwide acclaim for having successfully completed the largest book and document restoration projects ever attempted.

Specializing in the restoration of books, documents, magnetic and micrographic media means that we must utilize only the latest in technology and methods. All equipment is owned by us, presently in-house and ready to handle current projects. Our staff of seasoned professionals are well-trained in the use of this equipment. They know the idiosyncrasies of the business and how to best serve your needs, cost-effectively and efficiently.

Our technical expertise is unmatched for these types of situations, having successfully completed many identical projects. Our technical superiority has been recognized on numerous recent projects including Stanford University, Quinlin, Baxter Medical, Blairs Township, NJ, and many others.

Rapid Response Support Services

  • Free 24/7 emergency hotline, telephone assistance and consultation
  • On-site packout assistance
  • Pickup and refrigerated transportation
  • Assistance with locating freezer space
  • Bar-code tracking systems for large projects
  • Dial-a-file retrieval system for offsite access to files
  • On-site consulting
  • On-site reshelving and refiling
  • Visa and Mastercard accepted


Note: Although book recovery services are available at both our East and West coast facilities, for very large disasters our mobile vacuum freeze-drying equipment can come to your site. This treatment includes the application of our patented Thermaline Process, which provides mechanical straightening of the volume during drying in order to greatly reduce the need for rebinding. Mobile, on-site treatment of water-damaged books can be far more cost-effective than shipping them while greatly reducing the time required to begin processing them.

  • Vacuum freeze-drying
  • Cryogenic freeze-drying of leather and vellum bound books
  • Removal of surface dirt, mold or mildew, and soot
  • Trimming of text block, if needed
  • Rebinding to LBI preservation standards
  • Deodorizing to remove smoke odors

Documents, Blueprints and Maps

  • Vacuum freeze-drying
  • Removal of surface dirt, mold or mildew, and soot
  • Deodorizing to remove smoke odors
  • Rejacketing of files, binders, books
  • Photocopying of damaged or undamaged materials
  • Relabeling
  • Indexing and reordering of files
  • Microfilming or scanning

Microfilm, Microfiche, X-Ray Film and Aperture Cards

  • Surface cleaning of dirt or mold
  • Drying
  • Rehousing and relabeling
  • Respooling roll film
  • Backfile conversions
  • Separation of adhered x-ray film

Photographs and Negatives (20th Century b&w and contemporary color)

  • Surface cleaning
  • Air drying
  • Rehousing and relabeling
  • Rejacketing of files, binders, books
  • Processing and drying undeveloped film
  • Drying of large format aerial film

Audio and Video Tapes

  • Disassembly and cleaning
  • Vacuum drying
  • Respooling
  • Duplication, if needed

Magnetic Diskettes and Disk Drives

  • Surface cleaning
  • Drying
  • Copying to a new disk or uploading to tape
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