Document Reprocessors: Wet Document and Book Salvage and Recovery We salvage and dry wet documents and books Click for disaster and emergency response

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Click for disaster and emergency response
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Restoring Wet Documents

Where are you located? We have drying facilities on the East Coast and on the West Coast. Through these, we have provided services to organizations located throughout the United States and Canada.
How do we get materials to your East or West Coast offices? Small quantities may be shipped by an overnight carrier: UPS, Federal Express or Express Mail just to name a few. When this is no longer cost effective, we recommend a frozen freight carrier. There are serveral that move items across the country, and most will handle "Less-than-Load" quantities. Return shipment is by common carrier as dry freight.
What if I need you here? We are always willing to come to your site and assist with the removal and return of your items. We are available through our toll free 800 number anytime, and can be on site usually within 24 hours after receiving your call.
What does it cost? Pricing for freeze-drying books and documents is based on the number of cubic feet of materials to be processed and usually runs $60.00 per cubic foot, with larger jobs receiving a quantity discount. Other materials are priced on a job by job basis. Additional charges may be incurred for shipping/ transportation, reboxing, and additional services as required. For particulars regarding your job, please give us a call.
How long does it usually take to dry? Average drying time for books and documents is 8-10 days, depending on the degree of water damage. This time may be longer for cryogenic drying of sensitive materials such as leather or vellum.
What happens after drying is completed? We can ship the materials back to you as is, if you so desire. We can also clean, deodorize, rejacket, photocopy, microfilm, or scan your materials. There services become particularly important when materials has been burned, or exposed to flood waters containing debris and sewage.

To learn more about Document Reprocessors, please take a tour of our operations through our comprehensive slideshow, or view the Document Reprocessors informational video and find out how we can assist you when disaster strikes. For additional information, please review our list of services or contact us at the number below:

CALL 1-800-4DRYING (1-800-437-9464) Contact Document Reprocessors RIGHT NOW
We are the nation's leading experts when it comes to
salvaging and restoring water-damaged documents, books,
prints, photographs, magnetic media and other materials.
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