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Past Projects and Credentials

Document Reprocessors: Past Projects and Credentials

We fully appreciates the impact of the absence of irreplaceable materials such as books, documents and data. We are keenly aware of the importance of reliable and cost-effective recovery, and will do all in our power to help you. Our many years in this business have given us a broad scope of experience that uniquely qualifies us to handle a wide range of restoration challenges.

Document Reprocessors is the company of choice for the Library of Congress, major businesses and private and government agencies. However, our best credential is our track record and past history of successes. The following partial list of past projects will offer some idea of the scope and range of capabilities offered by Document Reprocessors. Specific customer referrals are available upon request.

Contra Costa County Courthouse (4) Martinez, CA
Sept. 1995 - Fire Damage
On Line Record Center: 200,000 files identified, restored, reordered
Reproduction: 2,500,000 images photocopied
Job Duration: 10.5 months
Baxter Cardiovascular Group Records Center, Irvine, CA
Nov. 1996 - Fire Damage
Microfiche: 2,200,000 fiche images
Aperture Cards: 280,000 aperture cards
Small format: 800,000 images filmed, blipped, including separator sheets
Large format: 35,000 images filmed, mounted as aperture cards
Job Sheets: 100,000 images copied
Database: 3,200,000 recorded database prepared with multiple fields
Job Duration: 14.5 months
Stanford University Library, Stanford, CA
Feb. 1998 - Flood "El Nino"
Books Dried: 72,000
Thermaline® Vacuum Freeze-Dried Books Restored: 72,000, hand cleaned
90% returned immediately to shelves
Job Duration: 4.5 months
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Santa Rosa, CA
Feb. 1998 - Flood "El Nino"
Business Material: 400 cubic feet vacuum freeze dried
X-Rays: 125,000 X-rays processed
Job Duration: 2.5 months
Clarian Health Facility Indianapolis, IN
April, 1998 - Flood
Business Material: 960 cubic feet VFD
X-Rays: 375,000 X-Rays processed
Job Duration: 3.5 months
Harrison County Clerk's Office, Kentucky
January 1997 - Flood
Court Ledgers: 1,000 dried, cleaned, reproduced
Job Duration: 6.0 months
Los Angeles Public Library Los Angeles, CA
April, 1986 - Fire Damage
Books: 2,000,000 inventoried and packed out
Books Dried: 600,000 Thermaline® vacuum freeze dried
Job Duration: 4.5 months
Boston Horticultural Society, Boston, MA
April 1995 - Flood
Rare Books: 1,000 "Rare" book drying process
Job Duration: 8 months
Marshall Fields Department Store, Chicago, IL
May 1992 - Flood
Architectural Drawings: 40,000 dried, inventoried, database produced
Job Duration: 5 months
Canadian Airlines, Mississagua, Ontario, Canada
May 1991 - Fire
Aircraft Maintenance Files: 85,000 dried, inventoried, database, copied
Job Duration: 5 months
Spring Field, Springfield, NJ
September 1999 - Flood
Documents: 600,000 copies
Labelling: 55.000 Labels
Job Duration: 5 months
Emory Medical Clinic - Atlanta, GA
November 1999 - Water Loss
X-Rays: 980,000 X-Rays processed
Medical Charts: 120,000 dried, restored
Detroit Public Library, Detroit, MI
2000 - Water Main Break
Books: 30,000 inventoried and packed out
Rare Books: 1,000 "Rare" book Cryo-drying
Books Dried: 30,000 Thermaline® vacuum freeze dried
Film & Pictures: 7,000 Cleaned and processed
Job Duration: 4 months
The Quinlin Company, Providence, RI
Water Main Break
Medical Charts: 21,000 Patient charts
Labelling: 240,000 Labels
X-Rays: 480,000 X-rays processed
Job Duration: 6.0 months
The Township of Blairstown, New Jersey
2001 - Fire
Document & Police Report Images: Over 1,000,000
Blueprints: 8,000
Plus: Maps, Ledgers, &, Tapes

To learn more about Document Reprocessors, please take a tour of our operations through our comprehensive slideshow, or view the Document Reprocessors informational video and find out how we can assist you when disaster strikes.

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